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Ping Custom Fitting at Lester’s Golf

Ping ambassador Peter Lester has over 40 years knowledge of this leading club maker.

  • Peter is a fully trained Ping professional expert
  • We offer custom fitting sessions
  • We use launch monitor
  • You can test many combinations of club heads, shafts, lie and length
  • Ping performance center
  • Four Seasons Vilamoura Portugal Custom Fitting

PING’s reputation as the club-fitting leader has been earned through decades of research and experience in the field. Our methodology outlined below has been adopted by thousands of club fitters around the world to guide you in finding the specifications that help produce your desired ball flight.

The Process

1- The Interview

The first step is the Interview Process, during which the fitter identifies your current ball flight tendencies, equipment specifications, likes and dislikes of your current equipment, and your needs and preferences from new equipment. The interview process is ongoing to ensure that your goals are being met through each of the remaining steps.

2 – Static Fitting

The second step, the Static Fitting, can be performed online with Web-Fit, our online fitting program. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are used to calculate your static Iron Color Code (lie angle) and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static Grip Color Code, or grip thickness.

3 – Dynamic Swing Test

The Dynamic Swing Test is next, during which you hit balls from an impact board with special tape on the sole of an iron. When the club hits the board, it leaves marks on the tape that help the fitter understand how your setup and swing affect the position of the club head at impact.

4 – Ball Flight Analysis

The most important step in the process is Ball Flight Analysis. During this step, the fitter will utilize a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable and determine the combination of Color Code, club length, shaft type and flex, club model and grip size that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your desired ball flight.

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